Strategies for Playing as Lesley in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is an acclaimed multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) title that has earned the interest of gamers everywhere. Lesley, a marksman who is recognized for her far-reaching shots and remarkable agility, is one of the most well-liked heroes in the game.

Gaining an Insight into Lesley’s Talents

Lesley’s abilities are an integral component of her approach to playing and are important to knowing how to utilize her optimally. Her initial skill is a long-range attack that inflicts harm and bypasses the enemy’s protection. It has a broader area of influence than her fundamental assault and can be utilized to annoy opponents and dispose of minions.

Her second ability is a powerful slow that affects all foes in the vicinity. Similar to her first skill, it does not need to be targeted and covers the same range as her regular attack. This skill is beneficial for impeding adversaries and preparing them for successive strikes.

Lesley has an ultimate with a powerful, long-distance offensive capability that can do a great deal of harm to all adversaries in the vicinity. Even though the cooldown is lengthy, it can be utilized to vanquish weakened opponents or to speedily clear out minion troops.

Lesley is a highly mobile marksman thanks to her passive, which lets her shoot on the go. Her attacks, although not as speedy as her regular ones, deal 135% damage. Furthermore, her passive works in a special way with equipment passives; we’ll get to that later in the article.

Lesley’s Selection of Gear

For Lesley to be victorious in Mobile Legends, the proper equipment is essential. During the early game, one should primarily prioritize obtaining Bloodlust Axe to increase sustainability and stay in the lane for longer. Subsequently, Rapid Boots should be acquired for increased mobility and to dodge enemy attacks.

Subsequently, constructing Scarlet Phantom can be advantageous to up your critical chance and attack speed. This piece of gear works very well with Lesley’s passive, providing her a way to inflict substantial damage while moving. After Scarlet Phantom, it is up to your own gaming style and the rival team’s arrangement to choose between either Blade of Despair or Endless Battle.

When Lesley engages with her passive abilities, the first shot fired will set off the passive from her equipment. This means that equipping Windtalker, which boosts critical damage, isn’t the best choice as it only influences the initial round. It would be more beneficial to go with equipment passives that give extra attack damage or penetration, as these will have an effect on all of Lesley’s shots.

Advice for Playing During the Laning Phase and Throughout the Match

When playing with Lesley, your main priorities should be to farm minions and harrass enemy heroes with your first ability. It is not recommended to engage in drawn-out fights as Lesley is not as strong as other heroes. Utilize her mobility to dodge enemy attacks and stay in a safe spot to deal damage from afar.

In team engagements, it is beneficial to utilize your ultimate ability to cause harm to multiple adversaries simultaneously. It is also important to target enemy characters that are in a weakened state or situated out of their usual position, as Lesley can inflict damage while shifting around due to her passive.

Lesley is an ideal hero for split pushing due to her mobility and ability to launch long-range attacks. With her swiftness, she can effortlessly travel between lanes, eliminating minion waves and forcing the opposing team to respond. This generates many chances for her squad to score objectives in other areas of the map.

When dealing with opponents like Miya and Layla, constructing Scarlet Phantom is recommended for its increased attack speed and critical chance. During the early stages, abusing your first ability to harass enemy heroes and farm minions is a great idea. Later on, using your mobility to dodge enemy attacks is an effective way to outplay them.

Outperforming Other Sharpshooters

Playing in a way that surpasses other marksmen is possible. Different types of marksmen exist, and by honing one’s skills it is possible to outplay them.

Irithel can have a hard time dealing with Miya and Layla, apart from the burst queen, in the early game as they can nullify her mobility benefit and are quite the challenge with Layla’s reach and Miya’s passive multi-shot. Irithel can make use of her armor-piercing ability to deal considerable damage and reduce the health of enemy minions to put pressure on the opposing marksman, making them back out and miss out on important farm. During team fights, the main focus for Irithel should be the enemy marksman as they are the biggest danger to her team’s success.

In Summary

Playing Mobile Legends: Bang Bang with Irithel calls for a good blend of skills and the proper gear. If you do not choose correctly, your chances of losing will be higher. To make sure we are doing the right thing, we should look up guides and try out different items. If this sounds too tedious, then an alternative is to use the Redfinger Android emulator to check the effects of different equipment.

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