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Artificial Intelligence in the Real World


Artificial intelligence or AI is a term we have been hearing for a very long time. It started with sci-fi movies where a computer program had a mind of its own. The computer program was able to make decisions on its own, use the information around it, and also save the day if needed. Reality might not be as grand or theatric as a fleet of robots being controlled by a computer program but it comes pretty close. Using AI, we can leverage its many advancements to make our day-to-day activities a lot simpler than they are.

Real World Uses

When we look around, there are many different fields that use AI to simplify or automate different activities. This article will touch on the various areas where AI is being used and how It is being used.


A strong education system is the cornerstone of any great nation. With time, there have been many advancements in the field of education in an effort to improve course material, develop new skills, and also create systems to assess students better. At the core of it, the main goal of AI is to create an environment where the teacher, student, and course material come together to improve the quality of education being given. By using AI, educational institutions can gauge what works and what doesn’t. using powerful programs, they can see what activities are yielding results and which are holding students back. Artificial intelligence can combine human knowledge, machine learning, complex machines and software, and build on the education systems we have.


Using artificial intelligence, doctors and other medical professionals can detect diseases while they are still undercover. Using AI, they can increase the quality of patient care by monitoring different parameters at the same time. If it wanted to detect cancer, the AI could run all sorts of tests that could highlight any symptoms that might reveal the illness. These sorts of systems have the ability to save millions of lives across the globe. It is common knowledge that IBM Watson has been used to understand NLP inquiries and respond accordingly. Using a complex array of hardware and software, the supercomputer can generate reports from patient data that can be used to plan treatments and try to save lives.


The banking sector uses AI for a slew of functions. Using AI and machine learning, banks are constantly scanning transactions to notice any fraudulent activity. Unlike human beings, AI does not tire. It doesn’t need breaks and it does not let anything slip. A definite set of parameters can be set and any violation of said parameters will be flagged. Furthermore, AI can go through scores of data a lot quicker than human beings meaning it can work longer and it can do more during that time. AI can also be used to provide customer service. Many banks use AI chatbots to answer customer queries.


For as long as we can remember, video games have been using AI to create non-playable characters (NPCs). Furthermore, when we adjust the difficulty of opposing forces in the videogame, it is AI that changes the level of interactions between you and your opponent. Depending on how you program the AI, it can go from a novice level up to an expert based on what you have fed into it.

Many video games depend on AI to create a more immersive environment. If you are playing a high-paced first-person shooter, AI rapidly generates enemies you can defeat. If you play a role-playing game, AI will generate the NPCs which will add depth and character to your gameplay. Suddenlink lets you enjoy a smooth and lag-free gaming experience. Dial Spectrum offer to learn about more provider in store for you.

Human Resources

In the world of business, AI plays a major role across many different departments. Human resources stands to benefit the most from this thanks in part to the nature of the work. Using AI, recruiters can sift through applications to find the right fit for a role. They can use AI to understand what job seekers want and how to find the best talent. Furthermore, HR often has a deadline they need to meet. They need to have all roles filled and if someone leaves, they need to ensure there is a replacement ready to take their place. Using the plethora of data available, HR can make calculated and intelligent decisions.


Agriculture is one of the most important sectors for human beings. Without a proper system in place, the losses could quickly mount up. In recent times, AI is more common thanks to the added value it offers. Using AI, farmers are able to track water levels, soil composition, plant growth, and other metrics that are important to ensure the crops are growing as they should. With AI, farmers can get greater value from their land with efficient use of resources.

All in All…

AI technology is arguably automating every walk of life. With the assistance of this technology, businesses of all sizes manage to improve their operations and processes. In this time and age, it makes sense to invest in Artificial Intelligence.