The Trouble With Convenience Food

McDonald’s appointed an independent tv manufacturing company to generate a one-hour special where six arbitrary Australians were provided the task of checking out the entire food-making procedure. Whilst McDonald’s moneyed the task, and their food-making processes were the ones scrutinised, it’s clear extremely little was concealed from these independent ‘food movie critics’. This program revealed that McDonald’s food, and probably most major fast-food chain offerings, is in fact relatively healthy and balanced – and more hygienic and fresher than we think.

Fast food companies have actually always gone to fantastic sizes to convince the eating public of the wholesomeness of their food. It’s an incredibly profitable service. Yet, among the business threats, in a health-conscious age, is having actually a credibility tainted by thought that your food is undesirable or, even worse, disgusting.

So, typical junk food – generally – is risk-free for intake and might be moderately healthy. However why do we really feel unhealthy having consumed it? Compared to an offering of grandma’s pot roast where we felt sated and also fulfilled, convenience food often tends to leave us feeling unfinished, mentally.

I have a thesis concerning food: the only ready food successful to us is the food cooked with love. That is, food cooked for a known individual to consume. Food prepared with them in mind. It’s food that has spirit.


In the healthiest feeling, proud is the cook that makes their food to please the eater. They have a vested interest in whatever they do. They wish to produce it delicious, sanitary, and also aesthetic on home plate. They care. They prepare their food with love. And also they desire their food eaten with love as well as regard for the process.

Fast food, on the other hand, is a disliked youngster whose moms and dad neither enjoys the food, their job, neither the receiver of the food. It’s made without spirit or spirit. It might load our tummies as well as nourish our bodies, however the experience of consuming fast food does nothing to nourish our hearts.

We ought to come to be keen observers of just how food makes us really feel, as well as although food of itself does not make us evil, our techniques can occasionally make us really feel in this way. Feeling puffed up or dry in the mouth or queasy are all psychosomatic signs that the experience of consuming specific food hasn’t declared. The food hasn’t served its beneficial purpose.


Whenever we go to takeaway dining establishments, not just is the food not cooked with love, it’s frequently not offered with love. Customers are frequently treated as second-class residents; mainly due to the fact that the individual offering them has no propriety. They have actually not been trained to care.

Wherever we go in life it pays, as much as possible, to put ourselves in situations and circumstances of good experience. Enhancing experience benefits the heart. Placing ourselves in non-enriching experiences, however, causes a deadening of the soul. The service that comes with the food is equally as crucial as the consuming experience is. The solution, as well, need to include love.

The problem with convenience food is it’s normally not prepared nor served with love. Typically it’s prepared and cooked by people without risk in its consumption. Eating food is a spiritual task. If we care enough for ourselves and those we love we restrict our dependence on convenience food. We’ll still consume it, perhaps, yet much less so.

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