Buy Gozney Ovens from BBQs 2u, Where Every Pizza Becomes a Masterpiece

Are you fond of eating pizzas and other grilled foods? Then you must have come across BBQs 2u in the UK, a very passionate food maker serving delicious foods to its clients.

Savor the tradition

Pizza, a timeless delight cherished worldwide, finds its pinnacle in homemade perfection. Unlock the essence of wood-fired mastery with Gozney Dome Black Pizza Ovens offered by BBQs 2u – an exceptional range tailored for both passionate home cooks and professional pizzaiolos.

Revel in unparalleled flavour, performance, and versatility as you explore the curated collection of BBQs 2u, spotlighting the stunning portable Gozney Dome.

Elevate your pizza-making journey with an array of accessories designed to enrich your culinary experience.

Embrace the art of wood-fired cooking at your fingertips with Gozney – where every pizza becomes a masterpiece.

Design and specs

The Gozney Pizza Oven features a portable design with a domed top on a foldable three-legged base, offering convenient carrying and storage.

Capable of accommodating a 12-inch pizza, it includes a thermometer displaying temperatures in Celsius and Fahrenheit.

The oven is standing at approximately a foot and a half tall with extended legs, versatile for various settings.

Equipped for both wood-burning and gas fuel, it comes with attachments, a metal pizza peel, a user manual, and a bottle opener.

Whether using wood or gas, the oven reaches temperatures ranging from 300 to 930 degrees Fahrenheit, ensuring optimal cooking versatility.


Setting up the Gozney Pizza Oven proved quick, taking approximately 10 minutes. Despite consulting the manual, the process was straightforward, especially for those familiar with gas grills. Optimal placement in a well-ventilated outdoor area, like a deck or patio, ensures safe usage.

The legs are easily extended, and attaching the heat source, preferably a propane tank for convenience and consistency, completes the setup.

Initiating the oven involves turning the rear knob to release and ignite the gas. For the initial use, a low-heat run for half an hour is recommended for curing.

Subsequently, cranking it up to high, it reached 930 degrees in about 35 minutes, ready for culinary adventures.

How easy is the Gozney to use?

The Gozney’s streamlined design ensures simplicity without confusing elements, making it essentially foolproof. Once the gas is connected and activated, the oven swiftly begins heating up.

Monitoring the in-built thermometer, we observed it reaching 300°C within the advertised 20 minutes when the gas was at full capacity.

Notably, the manufacturer recommends a 30-minute initial heating to ‘cure’ the oven, a crucial step for optimal performance.

While missing this step would not render the oven unusable, the brand explicitly emphasizes its importance.

For users facing challenges, a comprehensive manual and abundant online resources, including videos and PDF guides, serve as valuable support, ensuring a smooth and well-guided experience with the Gozney Pizza Oven.

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BBQs 2u has been giving excellent after-sales service for all the world-class products that they are selling in the UK.

To remain updated with their products and services, you may connect to BBQs 2u through its Facebook profile.

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