Understanding the Jungle Scout Keyword Scout

posted on 20 Apr 3 Fri

A great data collection and reporting tool, JSMaps is built with two new features: the Jungle Scout Product Tracker and the Jungle Scout Keyword Scout. Learn how they can help you build the right lead capture reports.

This add-on software provides an easy-to-use and valuable Quality Campaign Performance Management Solution. Weighing in at less than five hundred dollars, this powerful reporting tool integrates with your current advertising campaigns.

Keyword analysis tools give you insight into how your competitors are using your keywords. You can get a sense of your competition's use of each keyword by setting up two accounts. These two accounts will be the determining factors when determining which of the two is the most effective.

The Program Information module gives you a quick overview of the changes that have occurred. It also gives you an indication of what has been saved in your file. All of these parameters are easy to access and even change them as you like!

The Jungle Scout Keyword Scout helps you decide what to do with the information gathered through your Keyword Trackers. It gives you the ability to display what is on the page, how much traffic is being received and what competition is out there.

The Scout Report section gives you the opportunity to see how the "free" information relates to the money spent in terms of their influence on the marketer's efforts. This report can help you understand if it is necessary to use certain key phrases more often or perhaps whether it is more efficient to choose those that are more commonly used.

The Product Report section tracks a product's conversion rate. It will give you a good idea of what should be worked on so that your website is more effective.

Product tracking has been done before but not effectively enough. By integrating all of the above, you can now track and identify products that sell well while allowing you to identify those that don't.

When you set up two Accounts, you can track the back links to your blog to make sure that you don't lose any of the traffic from your product pages. You can also track the referral traffic and keywords that are being used to find your product.

When you get ready to publish your product, it is a great idea to find out what is working and what isn't. You can now use the Google Analytics module to have this information readily available.

This product tracking is a must if you want to make use of the Jungle Scout Keyword Scout module. While using this module, you can track not only the traffic to your product pages, but the "backlinks" that are associated with your product pages.

You can track what pages are getting the most backlinks and what specific product pages are drawing the most attention. You can also track the conversions and click-throughs to your product pages.


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